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Mobile Home Park Sellers & Brokers

You have found the Best Place to SELL your Mobile Home Park!

Selling your mobile home park

Dear Sellers & Brokers:

When it comes time to sell a mobile home park then you want to invest your time, efforts, and advertising dollars so that you get results. 


We will introduce your property to the most potential buyers online. 

When you do a search on Google for:

"Mobile Home Park For Sale"

"Mobile Home Parks For Sale"

"Mobile Home Park"

and many other similar terms, the #1 and #2 listings are for...

  This alone will bring you much more traffic to your listing on the site.

Mr. Reynolds: 

I would like to remove the ad we have posted at this time. I am getting so many inquires I can't handle any more. If we do not get a sale from the people who have contacted me at this time I will post another ad.

Thank you, 

Gloria N (December 11, 2006 - 5 days after park for sale ad posted!)

We have helped thousands of individuals and real estate brokers in the past 9 years get maximum exposure to their listings which has led to successful sales.  Our mobile home parks for sale pages are viewed more than 100,000 times per month and this number is increasing every year.  

Find out more about Selling your mobile home park

Dear Terri,  I have more people than I can deal with in response to my park for sale ad for my Arlington Texas park.  Please go ahead and remove it.  I am confident that I have it sold.  This is a great service and I am paying no commissions.

Thank you, Edward H

If you are not ready to sell your Mobile Home Community but are looking for ways to maximize your investment you should check out some of these resources:

Nationwide List of Manufactured Home Communities
Make sure your community is listed correctly on our list and if you have a website let us know and we will link to it to drive up your traffic.  If you do not have a website, then consider getting the word out about your community for as little as $25 per year!

Mobile Homes For Sale
If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent manufactured homes or lots then be sure to check out as several new listings are added daily.

Mobile Home Transporting Companies
If you need to move a home in or out of you community, then be sure to check out our nationwide directory of Manufactured Home Movers.

Manufactured Home Dealers/Retailers
This is a national directory of new and used manufactured home dealers. 

Mobile Home Parts, Supplies, Repair and Service Companies
Whether you are looking for mobile home skirting, mobile home parts, manufactured home setup companies or any other products and services then be sure to check out this directory!

Mobile Home Park Investment Articles
Here you will find great tools and strategies from the industry professionals.

Employment Listings
Are you looking for a community manager, maintenance person, or seeking a position as such?  Then check out our FREE employment listings!

Mobile Home Park Investors

You have found the Best Place to BUY a Mobile Home Park

Mobile Home Parks For Sale

Dear Current & Potential Investors:

If you are looking to purchase your first mobile home park or add additional mobile home communities to your portfolio then look no further.

We currently have over 600 Mobile Home Parks Listed For Sale  and new mobile home parks for sale added daily.

Browse our current listings of Mobile Home Parks For Sale.

If you are Serious about buying a mobile home park then you will want to stay ahead of the competition.  The best way to do this as well as keep on top of the market is to sign up to get the newest mobile home parks for sale emailed to you 48 hours before the general public.  Find out more.

Additional resources to help you in finding the perfect mobile home park to purchase would be to contact one of the Consultants or Real Estate Professionals that specialize in the Manufactured Home Communities.

To find a Mobile Home Park Broker

To find a Mobile Home Park Consultant

To find a Section 1031 Specialist

***Once you locate a community that seems to fit into your investment parameters and you have a signed contract then it is time to start the following processes:

Due Diligence:  this is the process of making sure that what you are buying makes sense financially as well as checking out the physical infrastructure of the park, environmental issues, zoning and licensing.  This is one area of the purchasing process that should not be taken lightly. 

If you are interested in obtaining the services of a professional mobile home park due diligence company then find Due Diligence services.

Financing:  this is often one of the biggest deal breakers in getting from contract to closing.  More often than not when a contract fails it is likely due to the buyer not being able to locate financing.  Not all parks will fit into every banks or mortgage companies financing terms and conditions so it is important to not put all your eggs in one basket.  We have over 25 lenders that specialize in financing mobile home parks from $100,000 and up.  Here is a list of the mobile home park lenders.

Insurance:  In conducting your search for mobile home park insurance, I would recommend finding a company that understands the industry and knows what type of risks that are specific to mobile home park ownership.  For example, park owned rental homes are not typically covered by the general liability policy.  I have personally used most of the insurance companies listed on our site and would recommend any of them.  Here is a link to the mobile home park insurance companies.

Appraisals:  When obtaining an appraisal on a mobile home park it is highly recommended to find an appraiser that understands investment real estate and has had experience in appraising mobile home parks.  Here is a list of Mobile Home Park Appraisers

Mobile Home Community Management:  You will have to decide whether to operate the mobile home park yourself, hire and onsite manager, or contract with a professional property management company.

Professional Mobile Home Community Management Companies


Mobile Home Park Books & Resources

Learn how to Buy, Sell, and Operate a Mobile Home Park!

Mobile Home Park Investing

 Learn how to Buy, Sell, and Evaluate a Mobile Home Park!

Some of what you will learn:

* How I Started in the Mobile Home Park Business (with credit cards)

* Why you should invest in Mobile Home Parks

* Over 15 strategies to find Mobile Home Parks to Purchase

*Valuation of Mobile Home Parks (with or without park owned homes)

*A list of over 50 Due Diligence items

*Powerful ways to Increase the Value of your Mobile Home Park

This book is for:  First-time investors, Seasoned investors and any other Business Professionals in the Mobile Home Park Industry

By Dave Reynolds of 

Find out more on Mobile Home Park Investing
"Your source of reliable information since 1998"

Many have asked for it and now it is Reality.

Announcing... Mobile Home Park College

College is in session at

Throw away those other textbooks and manuals because your are about to embark on a learning experience like none other. 

Our program is unlike any of the other real estate investment or mobile home park "get rich schemes" or "make millions overnight" type of investment programs.  We have hands on and real life experience in the industry and with more than 70 mobile home parks under our belt, we have seen it all!.  We are real players in real life.

Are you looking to Buy a Mobile Home Park?

Are you looking to Sell a Mobile Home Park?

Are you needing help to Turnaround your existing Park?

If the answer to any of these questions is "YES" or "Maybe" then we are here to help!

 Find out More!

What you will receive at Mobile Home Park College is a one-of-a-kind Expert Curriculum. 

Succeeding as a mobile home park investor will not happen if you buy into the "no money down" and "making millions overnight" schemes.  Sure there are always those people that will "get lucky" but these stories are few and far between.  Success in the mobile home park industry comes from acquiring the knowledge needed and then implementing that knowledge in the right way. 


See all Mobile Home Park Books & Resources


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Your site is the best in the industry.  I not only believe this, but I hear it through most of my mobile home park clients.

Steve Murden
Star Capital Corp.



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